Prize Donors

The Happy Pineapple Boutique is so honoured to have so many amazing Boss Babes who donate prizes to the weekly Facebook Live.

You can find the Facebook LIVE every Monday night at 7pm

During the LIVE, you are eligible to win one of these amazing prizes by commenting on the LIVE. Prize winners are picked at random and announced the following Friday.

Here are our donors:


1. Courtney Calvert - Zyia
2. Tammy Phillips - Gel Moment
3. Tonisha McGill - 31 Gifts
4. Natalie Neilsen
5. Lynne Bolton - Beauty Counter
6. Alissa Blais - Fitness Program
7. Vanessa Moreau - Neora
8. Natasha Taphorn - Gel Moment
9.Heather Forget - Purely Spoiled
10. Dione Thomson
11. Mindy Wyatt - Arbonne
12. Natasha McDuffie - Norwex
13. Steph McFadden - Monat




Kate Thompson - Zyia
Kayla Cadeau - Norwex
Amanda Anderson - Zyia
Allison Carr - Monat
Amy Chapman - Norwex
Shannon McGowan -Scentsy
Lindsay Brabant - Monat



1. Melissa Fielding - Dandi Ideas 
2. Elisa Zablotny - My Inner Artist
3. Abby Laurin and Niki Smolin - Young Living