About Us

My vision for the Happy Pineapple, is to create a fun and unique place to shop online. I want women to take a couple minutes out of there busy days for themselves and engage in some friendly competition with other Pineapple Babes.
Yes, shopping is now a game. Here is how it works:
Join the group by clicking on the button on the cover photo or here https://www.facebook.com/groups/829554637253904/ or Follow @thehappypineappleboutique on Instagram. 
Sunday Sneak Peek
On Sunday night at 8 pm a sneak peek will be posted in the VIP FB Group, on the Happy Pineapple FB page, and on instagram. You will see stock photos of all of the items that will be available the following week.
The VIP FB Group will also see the sneak Peek of the (up to) 4 items that will e exclusively posted in the FB group. This will be comment buying. 
Monday Launch Night
Do you have a case of the Mondays??? No worries, The Happy Pineapple Boutique is here to make you smile with out NEW one night Launch.
Monday's @8pm - All of our New Arrivals (up to 8) will be released. 
You will be notified with a quick shop link in the FB Group, on FB, Instagram, a notification on the app will be sent, and an email will be sent
To maintain a “Boutique” feel, items are ordered in low quantities.
Wednesday VIP FB Group
If you are a member of our VIP FB Group you will get access to an addition (max) 4 New arrivals a week. These items will be posted in the FB Group. You will comment your size, colour choice (if applicable), and email. This is first come first served. These are all new arrival items. Make sure you join our FB group here.
All payments are due within 24 hours of purchase. This is important for e transfers. If we do not receive the payment the item will be released back into the inventory. 
Shipping Options
There are 3 options at the moment for shipping:
(1) Expedited Shipping- based off of your location. Shipments go out twice a week.
(2) HOLD SHIPPING - Your items will be held until you email thehappypineappleboutique@gmail.com or heck out shipping on the website. You can hold items for as long as you like.
(3) Pick Up: We now have 3 pick up locations, please see Pick Up locations for all information.
Have so much fun with this, this is your time,
The Happy Pineapple Boutique xo