About Us

Hi Pineapple Babes,
My vision for the Happy Pineapple, is to create a fun and unique place to shop online. I want women to take a couple minutes out of there busy days for themselves and engage in some friendly competition with other Pineapple Babes. Yes, shopping is now a game.
Here is how it works:
1.Join the group by clicking on the button on the cover photo or here https://www.facebook.com/groups/829554637253904/ or Follow @thehappypineappleboutique on Instagram
  1. Sunday Nights
On Sunday nights at 8 pm, there will be a Facebook Live, cleverly titled, Happy Pineapple LIVE. During the LIVE, you will be shown a “sneak peek” of items that will be available in the upcoming week. There will also be games, and opportunity to get invoved and win prizes. Along with the live a sneak peek of each item will be posted along with all descriptions, sizing, and material info.
2.Monday - Thursday: between 8-8:10pm
Surprise!! Get your typing fingers ready. Two-Three items will be released. If it is an item you want, you will have to comment SOLD, your size and email. Even if you think you were too late for an item still comment. If invoices are not paid, items will go to the next in line. Items are available on Facebook and Instagram. If got the item, a response with a pineapple enoji will comfirm your win. To mainstain a “Boutique” feel, items are ordered in low quantities.
3. You will recieve an invoice either the same night or the next morning. Invoices are only valid for 24hrs. If not paid, they automatically go to the next customer.
I know how hard we all work for our money. I also know how hard it is to justify spending money on ourselves instead of others. Because of this all prices are under $50. HST is calculated on top of that price. There is a flat rate of $5 for shipping.
All items will now be shipped. There is a 2-3 day processing time. The $5 Shipping includes 2-3 day expedited and tracking.
There is an option to pay for shipping for an entire week. If you choose this method, you will pay for shipping on your first item and then choose HOLD shipping on following orders. This allows you to purchase throughout the week and combine your items to be shipped on Friday, all for the flat $5.
Returns and Exchanges
If an item does not work out, you will now be able to exchange the item for another size (if available) or for credit to the Boutique. Return shipping is at your expense, and the initial shipping cannot be refunded.
To understand my inspiration for this unique venture, I will tell you a little about myself. I am a Mom of two amazing little girls. I have been married to my best friend for twelve years now. My role has been full time Momma and Wife as my husband’s career is demanding and has taken us all over the world to some amazing places. I fell in love with the convenience and comfort of online shopping, and even more so receiving a package at my door. I have also always been extremely invoved in sports in one way or another. I live for the rush of competition. So I combined the two to provide a friendly, healthy outlet for women to have a little fun for themselves. I am very grateful for every opportunity that has come to my family. Now in this venture, I have found something that I am passionate and excited for. My role has now grown to add Momprenuer, something I am so proud of. My logo has different meanings behind it. I absolutely love pineapples. They are a sign of good luck and prosperity in a new home. When you move 38 times in 13 years, it couldn’t hurt. Being a Mom of two girls I saw a quote about Pineapples that made me love them even more. “Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.” I am so excited to bring this Boutique to you.