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To empower women by celebrating our true selves. 

  The Boutique is always changing. We provide high quality items at amazing prices. This is a high turnover Boutique so we are constantly changing our inventory. Act fast because once an item is gone, it is gone. But no worries, there will always be something fabulous to follow. Enjoy!!

Happy Pineapple 101





1.    This is a game-style way of shopping. 

    Items (no more than 3) will be posted nightly Monday to Thursday. Items will come out between 8-8:10pm.

2.    Items will be posted to the Facebook Group AND Instagram at the same time.
       Instagram: @thehappypineappleboutique

3.     To claim an item, you must comment SOLD, your size, and email.

        *** if you do not want display your email address, you must PM me your address within 5 mins of commenting

4.     My new program receives the information and tells me who commented first and so on, from both       social media platforms. Even if you think you will not get a item, still comment, things fall through all     the time. 

5.    If you have claimed an item, a reply of a Pineapple emoji will appear. You will receive an invoice within 24 hrs.

*** HST will now be charged.




Every Sunday at 8 pm, I do a Facebook LIVE. To view this you must be a member of the facebook group

On the LIVE, you will see all the items up for that week. We also play games, and you can win prizes.

Photos,Videos, and descriptions of the Items will also be posted to Instagram AND Facebook. You will have all of the information to make the best choice for you, size wise, material wise etc.




Once you recieve the invoice, you must pay it within 24 hrs. Failure to do so will terminate the invoice and allow the next person in line to claim it


    *** there is a 3 strike policy, if you have commented on an item and fail to pay within the time frame 3 times will result in removal from competition

2. You can pay by credit card, pay pal, and e transfer. (E transfers must be sent within 10 minutes of completing invoice)

3. See Shipping for rates and options.

*** HST now has to be charged. 




Shipping Options include:


Pick- up (location will be changing to Wyevale starting May 27)

      2. $5 Flat Rate: 2-3 Day expedited with tracking

      3. HOLD Shipping:     You chose HOLD Shipping and pay the $5 on your 1st item. All further purchases are held and then all sent on the corresponding Friday, combining and saving on shipping. This goes week to week.    




Due to the nature of the way things are sold, there will be no returns, unless an item is damaged. If you recieve a damaged item you must notify me within 3 days, after that it can only be exchanged. 


If an item does not work out for you, you will now be allowed to exchange for a CREDIT to the Boutique. You are responsible for getting/shipping the item back to me. Once I have it, the credit will be issued. There will be no refunds/exchanges on any shipping costs. 


This will take effect on Tuesday April 23rd, and onward. No previous orders can be exchanged. 




Every Friday, 5 items will be released through the day. 

These will be reduced items, and same process will occur. 

First come, first served. 

This will be only in the Facebook Group



Preorders will happen very rarely. It takes away from the uniqueness of the items. You will be able to purchase anything deemed a “preorder” item, but now in minimal quantities and in the game style.



The website will still be there to hold any left over inventory. Items will stay active on social media until the following Sunday Live. Then, items are moved to the website. 


As some of you may know, The Happy Pineapple Boutique carries Bathing Suits now, and really super cute and different ones!! These will strictly be on the website and will be frequently be added to.


For my Pineapple Babe Vets, the only main difference is items will now be opened up to Instagram as well,  and you will not see how many are available. 


For my Pineapple Babe Rookies, hopefully this explains everything and you will be hooked like the rest of us. 


If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to email me


I cannot wait for this to start!!!!